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Project Information

We work with a broad range of clients, to help them develop strategies for farm diversification, camping amenities, and flexible accommodation. This project was a winning competition entry for Epic Retreats, celebrating the legend of the Heroine of Fishguard. The proposal was built during Visit Wales Year of Legends in 2017.

In 1797, there was a failed attempt by the French to invade Britain via Fishguard. Lead by Jemima Nicholas, the women of this small port in Wales marched to the front line to defend their country. It is said that as the French began their drunken assault, hundreds if not thousands of local Welsh women came to witness the fighting between the French and the local militia. Dressed in their traditional scarlet tunics and tall black hats they were a formidable sight and at a distance, after a glass or two, may have been mistaken for British army Redcoats! Suffice to say the French didn’t stay long.