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Project Information

Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown changed the eighteenth century landscape on an immense scale, constructing both gardens and parkland throughout Britain. During the summer of 1775 Brown was asked by the Rice family to visit Dinefwr and give advice on what to do next. Upon visiting Dinefwr, Brown made a list of recommendations which informed refinements and modifications to the landscape. As Brown wrote to George Rice after his visit “I wish my journey may prove of use to the place, which, if it should, it will be very flattering to me. Nature has been truly bountiful and art has done no harm.”

A six month long in-depth strategic review examined a broad range of National Trust policy and assessed land management, tenancies, historic landscapes, rights of access, community outreach and learning. It involved consultation with rangers, house staff, consultants, surveyors, managers and directors. The study provided NT with a strategic understanding of the changes required to enhance access, maintenance and operations, and to transform the visitor experience. Outcomes from the study have put in place a structured ten-year plan for phased redevelopment taking into consideration revenue targets, commercial opportunities, funding cycles, construction procurement and seasonal demands for access or use.